All the drivers who have signed up for 2018 are described here. They have all raced in previous seasons with the Classics. At least one foolishly made suggestions as to what I should write. Your wish is my command, Mark…


Graeme Smith
Graham SmithGraeme has just won the Classics championship for a fifth time, so he knows how to drive. He has raced with the Graduates since 1999, driving the same car throughout. More importantly, his partner Karen carries out pit lane duties by holding out a time remaining board for all drivers.

The photograph shows Graeme aboard a Kawasaki Z1 race bike, ahead of the Classic TT, 2015.
Robin Webb
SmallRobinWebbRobin has a varied racing history, having competed in both Legends and 2CVs. He joined the Classics in 2013 for three rounds, and only two in 2014, but competed in every race in 2015, where he picked up a third place and two seconds.

He was a strong contender in 2017, eventually finishing second in the championship. Expect to see strong championship challenge this year.
Marc Noaro
SmallMarcNoaroBack in 2001, Marc started a two year campaign in the ACSMC tarmac rally championship, driving Peugeot 205 GTi. He joined the Classics in 2014 and is regularly seen in the paddock with his wife and two children, Phoebe and Max. His son in particular is very popular in the paddock with his infectious enthusiasm and studious knowledge.

For 2016 Marc was a regular front-runner, finishing fourth in the championship and winning the Best Consistent Finisher award.

His first win came in 2017, closely followed by a second. Only engine problems thwarted a championship podium. He is expected to be a front-runner throughout 2018
Trevor Harber
SmallTrevorHarborTrevor started racing in 2008, joining the CRGC as a rookie. He has kept the same car throughout and has steadily moved up the grid, finishing third in the 2014 and 2015 championships and fifth in 2016. A very smooth and consistent driver, he is expected to continue his high-quality performances this year.
Mark Carter
SmallMarkCarterMark is a stunningly quick driver with boyish good looks. Well, that’s the comedy over with. Mark joined the Classics at the start of 2013 and has been a regular ever since. He is now the Treasurer of the CGRC and is very involved in the club’s activities. Mark won his first ever podium - a third place - at Spa Francorchamps at the end of 2014.

Prior to joining the CGRC, Mark was involved with British Bobsleigh and has competed as a bobsleigh driver in many British Championships.

Mark is another driver who is constantly improving, to the extent that he is a regular podium challenger and has led races since 2016.
Colin Jardine
SmallColinJardineA computer systems wizard by day, Colin started his rookie season in the Super Graduates class in 2007. He saw sense in 2010 by moving to the Classics and has been here ever since. He has developed to the point where he is now picking up poles and is knocking on the door of a win.

A blown engine at the end of 2016 curtailed his 2017 season, with a solitary outing at Zandvoort. Hopefully he will have his new engine performing this year, where he can resume his podium-chasing form.
Iain Kinghorn
SmallIainKinghornIain joined the Classics in 2015 at Cadwell Park, where he had no previous race experience. He is the chief engineer of a commercial ventilation company and is heavily involved in their design.

Iain is steadily improving and is now regularly at the front of the mid-pack, or even involved in the lead-group.
Michael Segal
SmallMichaelSegalMichael was in his 70’s when he joined the Classics in 2012. He has previously raced in the 750 motor club. His last race before joining the Graduates was the Wilhire 24 hour race at Snetterton driving a Golf GTI. Whilst not the fastest driver, he is a reliable finisher. His wife Diane is very helpful in the paddock, often looking after Mr Noaro’s children, helping in the hospitality and, to be honest, looking after me too.

Michael celebrated his 75th birthday in 2017, at Zandvoort, and continues to delight the paddock with his consistent finishing record.
Matthew Carpenter
SmallMatthewCarpenterMatthew is a Manchurian. His first ever race was in 2015 with the Classics on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, in the pouring rain. What a debut! He is a keen cyclist unless, as you’d understand if you’d seen the video, he is going downhill.

Matthew now drives my original Seven, having bought it off Paul Hawker, who bought it of Matthew Willoughby.
Matthew Willoughby
SmallMatthewWilloughbyMatthew has competed in Sevens since 2007, starting in hillclimbs and sprints. He won the Lotus 7 Club Speed Championship in 2013. He first competed with the Classics in 2012, driving my original car, and proved to be very competitive. He bought his current car from Colin Rothwell in 2014, after taking advice from drivers such as me. Why did I recommend Colin’s car when I knew he was going to be so quick? And he is, being a top-three contender in every race he enters.

Matthew only entered selected races in 2015 and so was not a championship contender. For 2016 he intends to enter every event and so is expected to be a title contender.
Darren Grainger
SmallDarrenGraingerDarren started racing in 2002 and joined the Classics in 2007. Whilst he started towards the back of the grid, his competitiveness changed at Oulton Park in 2013 where he qualified on the front row for both races. That was a turning point and he has transformed into a much more aggressive driver. I have enjoyed battling with him on many an occasion.
Paul Gardner
PaulGardnerPaul is our newest member, having bought Graham Smith's car. His first event was at Rockingham where he slowly and sensibly picked up speed. The occasional spin showed that he was trying, and it will not be long before he progresses through the field.

He is in the plastic and rubber moulding business and lives in Kent.
Paul Hawker
An auditor by trade, Paul has been racing with the Classics since 2010. He is very quick, but so far has only had one win. That was the only time his mum has been able to watch him race. Great timing. He owns several Caterhams and spares to go with them; which he needs as he does his own race support.

Paul is regularly on the pace and finished the 2017 season fourth overall, taking the Best Consistent Finisher trophy having finished every race.
Pete Cannard
Pete is one of the older drivers in the club, a fact he likes to highlight with his number plate that states “Old Git”. Whilst he may not be the fastest of drivers, I advise you not to try and out-brake him into the first corner at Pembrey. I thought I was good there until I took him on! Pete runs his own PC and network support business, and is very friendly and helpful with all the drivers.

Pete is now on the Driving Standards team and a member of the MSA select committee.
Peter Tattersall
SmallPeterTattersallBeing the author of this site, Peter should really extol his virtues. It is a shame he hasn’t got any. He joined the Scholarship in 1998, quickly earning a reputation for his exuberance. He moved into the Graduates in 1999 where he continued until finances dictated retirement. Hereturned to the Classics in 2012 buying a car that was the previous season’s championship runner up. He blew the engine up in the first race and had a heavy crash in the second. Since then he has not been as quick as expected, but since having a rebuilt engine is up to a mid-field position.

Peter got his first win in 2017, at Pembrey. He led another three races that year, finishing second on each (at Snetterton, just three milliseconds behind the winner). Other strong finishes left him third in the championship. Header heights indeed, but he is hoping for more in 2018.
Nigel Liddell
SmallNigelLyddellWhen he joined the Graduates in 2008, Nigel had no previous race experience. He has been a Classic driver throughout and is a stern competitor. I have competed with him on many an occasion and, whilst fair, he is very uncompromising. He is also a good starter. I remember making a lightning start at Anglesey in 2013 only to have him screech by before the first corner. What was that?
Andrew Cooper
Photo to come.Andrew has regularly attended CGRC meeting with Steve McMaster and Paul Gardner. He has finally decided to join in the fun, by buying Steve's old car. Welcome Andrew and enjoy yourself.