There are currently five different classes in the Caterham Graduates Racing Club. These are described briefly in this section.

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ClassicThe slowest of the classes. But don't think that means slow, as a mid-field driver such as me is more than capable of lapping a poorly driven Porsche 911 GT3 at Donington Park - that was fun! The car is either Ford or Vauxhall powered, the 1.6 litre engine generating a touch over 100bhp, and runs on low-grip control tyres that provide a beautiful balance through the corners. These cars must be fitted with upgraded halfshafts provided by Rakeway. This is the only class that must run a windscreen.
SuperThe Super came next and originally competed in the Caterham Academy between 2001 and 2007. They have a 1.6 litre Rover engine producing around 120bhp
MegaThis is an upgrade to the Super. It runs the same engine, but now develops circa 140bhp. Instead of a windscreen, this car sports an aeroscreen, whilst the headlights and rear lights are removed. Brake and rain lights are mandatory. The car also sports an upgraded gearbox and a wider track.
SigmaThis is an Academy-spec car from 2008 onwards. It is closest in performance to the Super, with the difference in performance depending more on driver and circuit than the actual car. These cars sport a Ford Sigma engine producing, like the Super, around 120bhp.
SigmaxThe Sigma can be modified or upgraded with the addition of any of the changes permitted for the Caterham Tracksport of Supersport championships. Thus improved, we have the Sigmax. The Mega is closest in performance to the Sigmax, but the Sigmax has the edge. Again, the driver can make more difference than the car.