Every time we participate in a race weekend, we have to be scrutineered. That includes both the car and the driver’s apparel.

KeithMarchmentTypical things to check for in the car are:

  • Ensuring nothing is loose.
  • Electrics are fully working, particularly lights, brakes and rain light.
  • Seatbelts are not frayed.
  • The fire extinguisher is in date.
  • There are no holes between the engine and the driver compartment.
  • There is a complete sealing between the boot area and the petrol tank.
  • Anything – and I mean anything – which the scrutineer considers amiss.

The Graduates are very lucky to have Keith Marchment as the club Eligibility Scrutineer. Keith was first involved with the Caterham Scholarship in my second ever event, at the Scammenden Dam Hill Climb in 1998. He moved into the Graduates for 1999 and has been attending the events ever since.