A new children’s book has been released which was originally written in small e-novelettes; each was released at successive meetings of 2016’s Caterham Graduate race series.

Max Navaero – Racing Driver

The story is about Max Navaero, a ten-year-old boy who goes to his dad’s first race meeting and manages to take part in the racing himself. On the way, he meets and befriends many of the racing drivers, including Lord Oftenbroke, Grayson Smidt, Crazy Pete, Parky Ranger and the nasty Baron von Cheetah. It is all very realistically portrayed, accurately describing various characters who support the race series, such as Padrick Dragon, Steve the Spook, Pater Goblin, Rock Bernie (he’s a Rock Troll) and each and every Andy McMillimig.

Each e-novelette will be a stand-alone story covering an entire race meeting for the Caterham Classics. Some parts of the stories actually happened in real life and all the characters, apart from Baron von Cheetah, are based on real people.

The intention is to charge for the book, but it will initially be free to download.

Please feel free to leave feedback. For the adults out there, just remember that it is a children’s book. Enjoy.

Click on the link to download the PDF.

Max Navaero – Racing Driver

The Complete Book

Permission has been granted from each of the characters, who are listed in alphabetical order:


Trevor Mint
Max Navaero
Marc Navaero
Colin Netherfree
Lord Michael Oftenbroke
Crazy Pete
Parky Ranger
Grayson Smidt
Master Steve
Thomas Teapoux


Goblins, Dragons and Spooks

Pater Goblin
Steve the Spook
Padrick Dragon

The Rock Trolls

Rock Bernie

Team McMillimig

Andy McMillimig
Andy McMillimig
Andy McMillimig
… and so on


Farmer Keith.

Other Characters

Jeanette the Genie
Phoebe Navaero
Zandra Navaero
Lady Rose Oftenbroke

Only driver not based on a real character

Baron von Cheetah

The story is subject to a forthcoming motor racing magazine's book review. Come back for more details.