Month: September 2017

2017 Point Table Calculator

I have created a spreadsheet to help me work out exactly what my points situation is with just one round and two races remaining. The dropped scores disguise the exact situation, which the spreadsheet clears. I have found examining it to be interesting while confirming my thoughts. Anybody from Paul Hawker in fourth, to Trevor Harber in seventh, can still…

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Snetterton Race Report

Peter Godfrey of GRS had offered me the opportunity to drive a Sigma, so I hooked up my caravan and left for Snetterton early in the morning. It only took around three hours and was fairly straight-forward, but I was exhausted on arrival; whether that was to do with looming old-age or just work, I don’t know, but I soon…

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Zandvoort Race Report

Back in June I finally started my new contract, meaning that I now had the funds for the Zandvoort race weekend. This would prove to be hugely expensive purely because of the more that £450 ferry bill, and that was just for my car. I was not willing to double the figure in order to take my caravan, so instead…

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