2017 Point Table Calculator

I have created a spreadsheet to help me work out exactly what my points situation is with just one round and two races remaining. The dropped scores disguise the exact situation, which the spreadsheet clears. I have found examining it to be interesting while confirming my thoughts. Anybody from Paul Hawker in fourth, to Trevor Harber in seventh, can still beat me, so I need to be very careful.

Amongst my discoveries are that fourth in the championship is a realistic target for Marc Noaro. All he has to do is beat Paul Hawker by one place in each race. Beating me to third place is only a little harder. Basically, I need, er, just one win to guarantee third. More realistically, a third and a fourth will do it for me, including no more than a three points dropped to Paul.

The battle for the title between Graeme Smith and Robin Webb is just as interesting, although much tougher for Robin.

It did not take long to create a sheet for each of the classes, which are also provided.

The spreadsheet is available for download here:



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