Month: December 2016

Spa Francorchamps Race Report

I park my caravan on my drive, using the motor-mover to position it so that the front is by the house and one of the wheels is on grass. This is a good idea as it means that the caravan is very difficult to steal. More than one person would be required just to man-handle the rig into a hook-up…

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Max Navaero – Racing Driver; The Complete Book

The Max Navaero adventures are now available as a complete book. Recap The story is about Max Navaero, a ten-year-old boy who goes to his dad’s race meeting and takes part in the racing himself. He has made many friends: the racing drivers include Lord Oftenbroke, Grayson Smidt, Crazy Pete, Parky Ranger and even the nasty Baron von Cheetah. The characters who support…

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