CGRC vs. BTCC: Battle of the 2018 Circuits

I have created a table that compares the 2018 circuits of the CGRC and the BTCC. I have sorted the CGRC circuits, then lined up the BTCC circuits that are the same as the CGRC. For example, both championships visit Thruxton.

I have then matched the differing BTCC circuits against CGRC based on how closely matched I think they are. Basically, how I class their likeability, mainly as a challenge for a racing driver.

From there, I have awarded one point to the club that has the preferred circuit. For example, I prefer Anglesey over Knockhill and so have awarded the point to the CGRC. Any circuits/configurations that are shared get one point each (this could just as easily have been zero, half, or a million points).

I prefer Spa Francorchamps to Brands Hatch GP as a driver’s circuit, but the BTCC visits the circuit twice and so points are shared.

The BTCC visits one additional circuit and so gains a point for that.

All this was meant to demonstrate that the CGRC has a cracking set of circuits this year. I did not expect an 8 – 6 win for the CGRC, but I think it is a fair result as, from my scoring and aside from draws, the CGRC beats the BTCC every time. I do not think I am being biased. What do you think?

Caterham Graduates Racing Club versus the British Touring Car Championship

CGRC   Touring Cars    
Score Circuit Configuration Circuit Configuration Score
1 Anglesey TBD Knockhill
1 Cadwell Park Full Circuit Donington Park International 1
1 Castle Combe Croft
1 Oulton Park International Oulton Park International 1
Rockingham 1
1 Silverstone GP Silverstone National
1 Snetterton 300 Snetterton 300 1
1 Spa Francorchamps Brands Hatch Indy & GP 1
1 Thruxton Thruxton 1
8 6




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